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    Welcome and thank you for visiting Raphael's Pizzelles. We are an Italian cookie company specializing in pizzelle cookies, both traditional flavors and flavors with unique flair. Their signature pattern and light thin crispiness make pizzelles both beautiful and delicious. The versatility of these cookies are why they are festive for varying occasions yet simple enough to have with a cup of coffee or tea.

    We also offer other delicious confections! Check them out below!

  • The Family (La Famiglia)

    My name is Marcie Calvert and I am the owner of Raphael's Pizzelles (that's me in the plum dress). After recently celebrating a milestone birthday (let's just say it's one associated with hills and people going over them), I decided it was time for a change in my professional career. Combining two great loves in my life, ​Raphael's gave me the opportunity to bake for others while honoring the traditions and values of my family.​


    See that guy with the devilish grin standing next to me? That's my grandpa, Raphael "Ralph" Patrone. Originally from Bagnoli, Italy, my grandfather came through Ellis Island to America in 1927 when he was just six years old. He and my grandmother Elenora "Eleanor" Napolitano married in 1946 in Youngstown, Ohio and had my mother, Patricia, in 1951. They were married for 46 wonderful years before my grandmother died in 1992. My grandpa subsequently passed in 2006, two months before the birth of my first child.


    My grandfather was a remarkable man. He taught me so much about life; love, commitment, respect, joy, loyalty, the significance of prayer, the power of humor, the importance of education, and the meaning of a good work ethic. If it were not for the love, support and guidance of my grandfather and all of my family, for that matter, I would not be the person I am today.

    ​I currently reside in Liberty Township, Ohio with Gary, my husband, and our two children; William and Delaney.


    When my grandparents made pizzelles, my grandma would make the batter and my grandpa would press them out at the table. I'm proud to say that I have my grandparents' dining room table at my house and now use it for this same purpose they did all those years ago. I hope you enjoy the pizzelles, from my family to yours!

  • My delicious cookies

    (Le mie delizie)

    All cookies are sold by the dozen.

    Pricing may vary in retail locations.

    Flat Pizzelles

    $5 (add $1 for Gluten-free)

    This is the traditional shape of the pizzelle cookie. It is clear to see the beautiful basket weave pattern on one side and the floral pattern on the other. These will add uniqueness to any celebration with family and friends. They are also great as an everyday dessert.

    (There is a three dozen minimum per flavor of the gluten-free pizzelles).

    Italian Wedding Cookies


    Affectionately know as "Butterballs" in our family, these little treasures of light nutty goodness are made of butter, flour, confectioner's sugar, pecans and extracts.

    Jumbo Buckeyes

    $5 a half dozen (deli container not pictured)

    $12 gift box (9 candies)

    These O-H-I-O favorites are peanut butter goodness wrapped up in milk chocolate. How could you go wrong?


    Almond Butter Cookies


    These classic Spritz cookies are flavored with almond and vanilla for a classic taste.

    Anginetti (Lemon Drop Cookies)


    Meaning light as an angel, these lemon cookies will melt in your mouth. Covered in a lemon glaze and topped with colorful sprinkles makes them refreshing and festive. 

    Biscotti (Toasted Tea Cakes)


    Stemming from the word ​biscotsus, meaning "twice-baked cookie", these crunchy treats are baked in the oven, sliced while still warm, and baked again. Choose from the following...

    •  Almond
    • Chocolate Pecan
    • Chocolate Chip
    • Cranberry Almond


    Chocolate Dipped Biscotti


    The same ingredient options as the plain biscotti.

    Kaludis "Italian Knot" Cookies


    These adorable little love knots are iced with the amazing taste of anise. A festive addition to any dessert table.

    Thumbprint Cookies


    These cookies are buttery goodness, topped with jam to add a sweetness to the richness of the cookies.


    Chocolate Cherry Shortbread Cookies


    These are perfect for any occasion. Bright and colorful discs of shortbread full of plump cherries and semi-sweet chocolate chips.


    Italian Jam Cookies (Linzer)


    These almond flavored raspberry filled cookies are divine!!!


    (Minimum three dozen order please)

    Platters & Tins

    Varies - Please contact me for a quote.

    These are perfect for any occasion. Weddings, holidays, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, children's parties, graduations, anniversaries, thank you gifts, employee recognition, and cookie exchanges are just a few of the events you can celebrate with a Raphael's platter or tin. Mix and match your pizzelles with other goodies for a customized platter that is sure to please.

  • Flavors

    We are pleas​ed to offer the following flavors at this time. Check back often as flavors options are subject to change.

    Almond Amaretto

    Flavored with almond & amaretto extracts & finely ground almonds.


    Traditional black licorice flavor but not overpowering. Most people either love them or don't like them. Since this is the most common flavoring Italians use in pizzelles, they're worth trying at least once!


    Premium coffee, coffee liquor and ground cinnamon make for a cookie too tempting to pass up for a coffee lover.

    Coconut Almond

    A great almond pizzelle with the addition of pure coconut extract. This cookie brings you to the beach.


    This is my personal favorite and the flavor I make most often for my immediate family. This flavor is highlighted with notes of oranges & lemons.


    Peppermint Chocolate

    A great seasonal favorite (only offered in December) and a welcome addition to any holiday cookie platter.

    Pumpkin Pie

    This seasonal favorite (available between Labor Day through Thanksgiving) is made with real pumpkin and all the spices you would typically find in a pumpkin pie. The pizzelle is a little thicker than my other pizzelles because of certain ingredients. Such a nice treat for the fall and winter months.

    Red Velvet

    If you're a lover of the cake, you'll be a lover of the cookie.


    A cinnamon sugar pizzelle perfect with a warm beverage.


    A delicious cookie with an understated simplicity.

  • Retail Locations

    ***Prices may vary from location to location

    Anna's Gourmet Popcorn-(SEASONAL ONLY, CALL FIRST) (513) 480-1206

    2 South Broadway St. Lebanon, Ohio 45036

    Tuesday-Saturday 12p-5p Sunday & Monday-closed



    Celebrate Local- (LIBERTY CENTER) (513) 273-5610

    7127 Foundry Row. Liberty Township, Ohio 45069

    Celebrate Local- (EASTON TOWN CENTER) (614) 471-6446

    3952 Townsfair Way (next to Panera Bread) Columbus, Ohio 43219

    Tuesday-Saturday 11a-7p, Sunday Noon-6p Monday-Closed (Check store website or call ahead for COVID-19 hours)



    Luigi's Olde World Market- (513) 777-1989

    9480 Cincinnati-Columbus Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45241

    Tuesday-Saturday 10a-6p, Sunday 10a-5p, Monday-closed (Check store website or call ahead for COVID-10 hours)




    Luigi's Ristorante Italiano & Meat & Deli Shop- (513) 701-9613

    404 Second Avenue Mason, Ohio 45040


    Raphael's Pizzelles- 5594 Chris Lane Liberty Township, Ohio 45044

    Hours: Vary Pre-scheduled pick-ups only


    Butcher Bill's Meats & Deli-5608 Tylersville Rd. Mason, Ohio 45040


  • Crafts Shows & Festivals

    ***Check back often as the list is subject to change

    Weber Farm Pumpkin Festival

    October 16th-9:00am-6:00pm & October 17th-9:00am-5:00pm
    6007 Kilby Rd. Harrison, Ohio 45030
    Exact Booth Location-TBD


  • Reviews

    Here's what some of my wonderful customers have had to say about my company. If you would like to write a review, please send it to me on the "Contact Us" page.

    Holly Carpenter-Kasmer Insurance Agency

    "I am so happy to be able to pass along Raphael's Pizzelles name to everyone who asks me where to find a good cookie! Except, that then I have to let them know that the list of my favorites just keeps growing! I own the Kasmer Insurance Agency in Canfield, OH and we have been sharing treats from Raphael's Pizzelles for over 18 months now and we've incorporated these yummy treats into our marketing and customer appreciation events. Whenever I order, everything is packaged so ...nicely and the tins are just perfect for a small gift. I love the creative packaging - the affordable pricing - the quality of the product and mostly the ease with which I can do my seasonal gift giving. The citrus pizzelles are my absolute favorite and the wedding cookies put my own Mom's to the test - which trust me, says a lot! I've also ordered trays which included the brownies and biscotti and nothing ever fails to impress me. Keep up the great work -- I plan to be a customer for a long time! Thank you for being dependable and making things so easy!"

    Lisa & Rick Chance

    "Marcie, we just wanted to let you know your cookies were a HUGE hit at the wedding on Saturday! The guests were raving about them, and filling their boxes to take home (even the folks from Youngstown, who know their cookies!) The only issue was we probably didn't order enough for the demand! Thanks again for your baking talents, and for helping make the reception a memorable event for our guests."

    Vickie Flood-Titan Mechanical Solutions


    "Thanks, Marcie, for supplying our customers at Titan Mechanical Solutions with some of the tastiest treats ever! We appreciate your willingness to customize our orders from the containers to the goodies put into them such as your famous pizzelles, buckeyes, wedding cookies and filled brownies to name just a few! Plus, with the affordable prices, we love surprising our customers with containers of your baked items throughout the year and not just at Christmas!"

    Anna Laudati-Lechliter

    "So excited to discover your products at the Lakota East jazz event this morning. I am filling my cannoli shells tonight! Can't wait. Delicious, authentic, fresh."

    Jennifer Craw Fetter

    "I purchased the Italian Wedding Cookies from the Miamisburg farmers market, which are my favorite cookies! They were awesome!! I loved them!"

    Christina Gianfagna DeStefano

    "My husband and I are crazy for the chocolate brownie cookies with oreos/peanut butter cups in the middle. Its our must buy weekly treat at the farmers market. Thanks for always helping with our sweet tooths!"

    Teri Gibson

    OMG! Bought Almond Pizzelles and Italian Wedding Cookies from Raphael's at Paws-a-Palooza! Both are so fresh and taste amazing!!! I will be a life long customer!! 

    Carter Gum (age 6)

    Delaney's Mom sure knows how to make a good pizzelle!!!


    Sherrie Kinderdine

    Marcie made a beautiful assortment of Italian Christmas cookies and buckeyes for my friend who was 9 months pregnant and unable to fly home for the holidays. The platter was filled with all of her favorites and I taste tested one of each kind to make sure they were ok. :) Absolutely delicious! I’m so glad I found this local gem and look forward to ordering in the future!


  • History of the Pizzelle

    The name pizzelles (the correct pronunciation of the word is PEE zelles but our family has always pronounced it PIT zelles) comes from the Italian word for "round" and "flat" (pizze). The main ingredients include flour, eggs, sugar, oil, and flavorings (vanilla, anise, orange, etc.). While many other cultures have developed similar types of cookies, pizzelles are believed to be one of the oldest cookies with history tracing back to ancient Roman times.


    Pizzelles originated in the south-central region of Abruzzo, Italy during the 8th century. The two small towns claiming to have invented the cookies showcase them in their annual festivals. The citizens of Salle, in the Province of Pescara, celebrate the festival of Beato Roberto, a 12th century monk, every mid-July. Celebrants walk down the street and carry them on tree branches as an offering. In Colcullo, in the Province of L'Aquila, villagers celebrate their patron Saint Domenico every May during the "Snake Festival" by covering his statue with snakes to carry around town. It was believed that he saved the town from being overrun with snakes. Once the town was safe, the villagers celebrated and feasted on pizzelles.


    In the beginning, pizzelles were made by pressing the cookie batter into individual irons held over an open flame. These irons were embossed with some symbol of meaning, usually the family crest. Nowadays, the cookies are still imprinted but usually with a basket weave pattern on one side and a floral pattern on the other. My pizzelles, like most, are now made in an electric iron.


    Pizzelles have a remained an important part of celebrations throughout Italy and other countries with large Italian populations such as Australia, Canada, and the United States. They are dessert staples at Christmas and Easter. It would not be an Italian wedding if there weren't pizzelles on the cookie table! The simplicity of these delicate cookies makes them perfect for formal occasions, casual get-togethers, or a pairing with a cup of coffee for breakfast!

  • Contact Me!

    If you are inquiring about a specific ordering need, please specify quantity & flavor preferences. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to send me an email or give me a call at (513) 746-6929.


    NOTE: There is a one dozen minimum on each type of cookie. Due to the fragility of my products, I do not currently ship them. LIMITED DELIVERY AVAILABLE, PICK UP AT HOME OR RETAIL LOCATIONS

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